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Years kiting: 7
Currently living in: Jupiter, Florida
Sponsors: Cabrinha, Dakine, Transcend and NPX

Equipment:  Kites:  CABRINHA Switchblade IDS (sizes: 4,6,8,10 and 12)
Boards:  CABRINHA S-Quad surfboard and Custom 133  & Alex Aguera boards.
Harnesses:  DAKINE Wahine and Starlet harnesses.

Background/Education: B.S. in Marine Biology at Florida International University (FIU) Miami, FL.

Likes: Love, friendship, family, dogs (Max in particular), nature, the ocean, surfing, diving, yoga, mountain biking with my dad, painting with my mom, happiness and the simple life...


What can I say about myself?  I am a warm-hearted, friendly and simple girl that loves the ocean.  Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for the ocean… somehow it captivates me in ways I can’t describe.  My dad always tells me the story about a special moment when I was little and he was holding me in the ocean and I said “Papi, Papi que lindo es el mundo!” “Daddy, Daddy, the world is so beautiful!”.  I have never lost that feeling of love towards nature, the ocean, people and the world!

I was raised in Costa Rica, in a valley 2hrs away from the nearest beach.  In my early years our family trips to the beach meant a full day of playing in the ocean.  I started body boarding and later surfing, which resulted in an addiction for waves.  I moved to Miami, Florida to go to college and pursue my dreams of understanding my favorite place: the ocean, by studying Marine Biology.  In Miami I discovered another watersport that would take me to levels I didn’t even imagine… kitesurfing.

With the help and influence of loved ones I was given the little push I needed to excel in the sport and give competition a try.  Never having competed before in any sport I headed out to this new world for me with excitement.

I have been kitting for 7 years and competing for 5 years. I compete in all disciplines: freestyle, course racing, waves, speed sailing, long distance downwind racing, big air, park competitions (kickers and sliders), you name it!  I enjoy every aspect of the sport, be it riding by myself, riding with friends, competitions, traveling and teaching.  My goal is to be a positive influence on the sport and its community, train hard and become as good as I can be.  My passion for playing in the ocean only grows stronger with time, weather it is kiteboarding, surfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding or diving.

I am currently living in Jupiter, Florida and I love it!  Here I hope to fulfill my dream of kiting and riding waves every second that I can!


Why kiting? 

 Because I love the freedom of it.  I love playing in the ocean, using the elements to soar in the air or ride down the line.  Kitesurfing give us so many options to enjoy the sport: be it doing tricks, or riding waves with a surfboard or racing upwind and downwind.  Life is meant to be enjoyed... kitesurfing gives us that pleasure and reveals to us the beauty of our world.


Surfing is my favorite sport.  If you are a surfer you know that once you are submersed in the water and ride your first wave there is no turning back, you are hooked for life…
Transcend NPX Cabrinha Dakine MG