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Event: JUPITER KITE INVASION 2009 Location: Jupiter, FL Date: 1/30/09 - 2/1/09
Date: 01-30-2009
Once again Jupiter delivered for another great event! We had wind, we had waves, sun, lots of spectators and lots of great riding.

On Friday the winds were offshore. A small swell was kicking in and so everyone hopped on stand-up paddle boards and rode the small waves. Some of the guys were so good and smooth they made it look easy. I tried the stand-up paddle boarding in the waves for the first time and it was so much fun! I was harder than I thought and at times I felt the winds pushing me away, but once I caught my first wave I was hooked!

On Saturday the waves were bigger and the wind was on. The pro men’s division and amateur men’s division riders had to chose to compete in freestyle or wave ridding, the female pro riders where able to compete both in freestyle and waves.

The best freestyle guys: Damien LeRoy, Sam Medysky and Evan Netsch were killing it, throwing mega loops and nailing all the difficult handle passes in the book: slim chances, front and back mobes, you name it! In the waves Jon Modica, Nick Bowers and Hamish MacDonald were riding smooth, smacking the lip hard, throwing the biggest strapless jumps and nailing the sickest transitions.

Stacey Fonas and myself did really good in both freestyle and waves. We were throwing kite loops, raileys, surface handle passes and unhooked back and front rolls. In the waves I was the only girl riding a strapless surfboard. I was able to catch the waves way out and ride them all the way into shore. This was my favorite part of the competition and I couldn’t take a smile off my face! Local girl and friend, Randi Iverson, did really well, after catching some smooth rides on the waves she stood on the podium in her first competition ever!

In the amateur wave division Dan Floyd was the star. He was ripping on the waves and showed us how good of a surfer he is. Dan earned the well-deserved “best wave” award and took home a brand new Jimmy Lewis surfboard!

Overall the conditions were great and everyone had a blast!

Special thanks to Jeremy Green with the Jupiter Kite Shop for organizing such a great event. This is one of my favorite events because we always have wind and waves, the beach and ocean are beautiful, the people are great and we always have fun!
Here are the results:

Women’s Pro Freestyle:
1.    Melissa Gil (CABRINHA)
2.    Stacey Fonas (Best)
3.    Jessica Sickinger

Women’s Pro Wave:

1.    Melissa Gil (CABRINHA)
2.    Stacey Fonas (Best)
3.    Randi Iverson/ Helga Goebel

Men’s Pro Freestyle:

1.    Sam Medysky (Naish)
2.    Damien LeRoy (CABRINHA)
3.    Evan Netsch (Naish)

Men’s Pro Wave:
1.    Jon Modica (CABRINHA)
2.    Hamish MacDonald (Slingshot)
3.    Nick Bowers

Men’s amateur’s Freestyle:

1.    Kevin O’Neil (Slingshot)
2.    Tommy Fields (North)
3.    Justice Bentz

Men’s amateur’s Wave:
1.    Bryce Davies
2.    Dan Floyd (CABRINHA) *Also won the best wave award.
3.    Rick Dunn
Transcend NPX Cabrinha Dakine MG