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Event: Kiteboarding Course Racing World Championship 2009 Location: San Francisco, California Date: 8/4/09-8/8/09
Date: 08-04-2009
First ever Kitesurfing Course Racing World Championship!  The event was held in beautiful San Francisco.  The conditions allowed for 4 to 6 races per day!  We kitted just above Alcatraz almost all the way up to the Golden Gate Bridge!  All the best racers from around the world came to the event making the races highly competitive, intense and fun.  I managed to place in the top 3!  I battled it out on every race.  I am glad I participated in this awesome event and can't wait for the ones to come. Top five women results:
1. Steph Bridge
2. Kristin Boese
3. Melissa Gil
4. Sandy Parker
5. Katja Roose

Top five men results:
1. Sean Farley
2. Chip Wasson
3. Johnny Heineken
4. Damien LeRoy
5. Bruno Sroka
Transcend NPX Cabrinha Dakine MG