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Event: PKRA Mexico 2011 Location: Playa del Carmen, Mexico Date: 3/22/11-3/26/11
Date: 05-30-2011
The PKRA event in Playa del Carmen, Mexico was a huge success!  We had warm wind everyday under sunny blue skies on a white sand beach with turquoise water and tons of spectators. 

The first day we ran the qualifier heats for the freestyle event.  The organizers were trying a new format of old school and new school tricks, where competitors had to perform a mandatory one footer and a handle pass.  Judging was based on overall impression of both old and new school tricks. Since no girls signed up for freestyle I had to compete against the guys.  I was lucky enough to win my heats and made it into the main event.  I was stoked to be able to represent the girls in the main event! 

On the second day we started the course racing event and ran 5 races of which I won a couple.  In the girls division the battle for first place was between Cabrinha teammate Caroline Adrien from France and myself. 

On the third day I had a bit of bad luck when I hit the reef on the first race of the day and lost a fin. Since we had to race back to back I had to ride back to shore and find a board to go out on in the next race.  I didn’t want to end up with a DNF in two races!  Lucky for me one of the competitors from Brazil was not racing due to the light wind and was kind enough to let me use his board.  When we had our lunch break I was able to put new fins on my board, thanks to Cabrinha teammate Bruno Sroka who let me use his spare fins.  I went from a tri-fin back to a quad and was happy to be back on my Aguera board for the last two races of the day, especially when I managed to win one of the races.

On the fourth and final day we did 3 races, Caroline coming on top.  Racing with her was fun because we were really close up and down the course.  I would be on the lead upwind, then she would pass me downwind and so on.  We had several finishes where we were chasing each other down!  That same afternoon we finished the freestyle event.  Again, I got lucky and won 3 out of 5 of my heats landing me on 6th place overall.  I wasn’t even expecting to make it into the main event so I was super happy! 

The day ended with the award ceremony at the beach and smiling faces.  


1. Olivier Dansin (North, FRA)

2. Dirk Hanel (North, GER)

3. Blazej Ozog (North, POL)


1. John Heineken (Ozone, USA)

2. Olivier Dansin (North, FRA)

3. Julien Kerneur (Takoon, FRA)


1. Caroline Adrien (Cabrinha, FRA)

2. Melissa Gil (Cabrinha, USA)

3. Nuria Goma (Liquid Force, ESP)

Transcend NPX Cabrinha Dakine MG