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Event: Pacasmayo KSP World Tour 2011 Location: Pacasmayo, Peru Date: 10/19/11-10/28/11
Date: 10-20-2011

The next stop of the KSP World Tour flew us across to the magnificent Pacific Ocean, my favorite ocean, to one of the longest lefts in the world.... Pacasmayo, Peru. 

 We kited and surfed long left waves that you could smack over 10 times.  Rode from "el faro" (lighthouse) on the point down to the hotel on one single wave of up to 2 minutes long, turned around and headed back to "el faro"  to do it over and over again.   We finished our days watching the sun set over the ocean while drinking a beer on the pool. 

And the fun didn't stop in the water.  We were greeted  and welcomed by the local community, Peruvian style, big smiles, warm hearts and a lot of culture.  We went from parades with the local children to riding "paso fino" horses, dancing on the streets the different regional dances and exploring "El Brujo" (the sorcerer) archeological site dated back to 800 AD.


1. Milla Knesse Ferreira (Brazil)

2. Ines Correia (Portugal)

3. Kristy Jones (UK)

4. Kelly Strachan (USA)


1. Guilly Brandao (Brazil)

2. Airton Cozzolino (Italy)

3. Felippe Ferreira (Brazil)

4. Sky Solbach (USA)

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