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Event: Ponta Preta KSP World Tour 2011 Location: Sal, Cabo Verde
Date: 12-15-2011

The final stop of the KSP World Tour landed us in the Island archipelago off the west coast of Africa, where tropical storms develop turning into hurricanes as they race through the Atlantic Ocean.  I had heard about Cabo Verde while listening to the news: "tropical storm developing off the coast of Cabo Verde" and from fellow kitesurfers and windsurfers who would rave about the conditions.  Cabo Verde, the home of one of the best right waves in the world for kitesuring and windsurfing and local talent on another level:  Wave World Champions Airton Cozzolino and Mitu Monteiro.

Throughout our stay we surfed, had a couple of epic sessions in Coral Joule, Secret Spot and Ponta Preta, we had fun kiting at Kite Beach and doing downwinders back to our all inclusive hotel, toured around the island to go see Tiger sharks, jump into natural saltwater pools at Buracona, get covered in black mud and float around a salt lake in Salinas. 

The island of Sal gave us a little taste of its amazing conditions, but not enough to be able to run the contest. For those of us that have never been to the island, the potential for unreal conditions was evident and we were left wanting to come back for more.

Huge congrats to all the winners and a big big THANK YOU to Kristin and Sky for putting this great tour together.  Also thanks to Markus, other organizers, staff and judges.  The memories and friendships go beyond the tour.  Looking forward to next year.

KSP World Tour Overall Winners


1. Ines Correia (Portugal)

2. Marie Gautron (France)

3. Kristin Boese (Germany)

4. Melissa Gil (USA)


1. Airton Cozzolino (Italy)

2. Mitu Monteiro (Cape Verde)

3. Guilly Brandao (Brazil)

4. Mauricio Pedreira (Brazil)

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