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Event: Brazil Tour Location: Barra do Cunhau, Brazil Date: 9/9/11-9/12/11
Date: 09-01-2011

Brazil!  It had been five years since the first time I went to Brazil and I had always wanted to go back so I was super excited.  Living in "Jupiter" and not losing my head only because its stuck to my body, I arrive at the Miami airport to check in and come to find out the gentleman in the counter is telling me I can't go because my Brazilian visa expires in 3 days!  The airline staff in the Miami airport were super nice and wanted to help me. After wheeling and dealing, calling the airline staff in Brazil, contacting headquaters in the Brazilian airport and arguing with Brazilian customs officials, they told me I could go to Brazil but would have to leave before my visa expired, 3 days.  I explained I was going to a kitesurfing event and if I returned early I would miss the competition, so they lightly suggested I fly out anyway and stay after my visa expired illegally, I would have to pay for the days I stayed illegally the next time I flew into Brazil.  You got to love latinamerica.  US customs officials would you do the same thing for these nice Brazilians?

So I flew to Barra do Cunhau for one of the events of the Brazilian Tour.  The event consisted in a freestyle competition, wave riding competition and course racing and I was there to compete in all the disciplines.  The spot was very unique because two rivers, the Curimatau and the Catu, wind through 5 kilometers of dunes and beaches lined with palm trees.  The river flows along the mangroves and out the Atlantic Ocean through a wide river mouth that allows for very different conditions all in one spot.  Depending on where you go you can get conditions for all disciplines.  You can ride to the other side of the river mouth and freestyle on butter flat water with side offshore wind, or cruise to the sand bar and anywhere down the beach to ride waves or race up and down the river mouth.  It was tough to compete in all three disciplines.  Going from a course board to a twintip!  Ahhh!  I also had to be carefull with my injured knee and foot, so by the end of the day I would be wiped out. 

It was soooo nice that Barra do Cunhau is so calm and peaceful.  The vibe is cool and chill and the people are super nice.  Every Pousada we stayed in the owners treated us like a guest in their home.  In the end the hard work payed of as I placed 2nd in course racing, 3rd in waves and 4th in freestyle. 

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