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Event: US Kiteboarding National Championship 2009 Location: Corpus Christi, Texas Date: 5/5/09-5/9/09
Date: 05-05-2009
This years US Nationals was intense. The best courseracers in the world congregated at Corpus Christi for this event. We had 4 days of high-level competition. On the men’s division Sean Farley was on the top, Damien LeRoy made an impressive come back after having a bad day the first day to take second place, following right behind were Jesse Richman and Sky Solbach.

On the masters division Chip Watson, Nils Stolzlechner and Mike Gebhardt came on top. On the girls division Sandy Parker, Kristin Boese and Myself battled all 4 days for first place. We were on each other’s back every single race, finishing only a few second behind each other. Who ever made a mistake and crashed would lose the race. I had a very good day the first day winning 3 of the 5 races taking the lead. On the second day I lost my grove and had a bad day. The third day I recovered and had an awesome day, wining all 4 races that day. The forth day I had a bad day again and ended up only 2 points behind Sandy Parker and tied with Kristin Boese. Sandy took a well-deserved 1st place due to her consistency. I wouldn’t have been able to do so well if it wasn’t for Nils Stolzlechner, I raced on one of the NJS Design boards, which allowed me to do so well. Thank you Nils!

The intense days of racing left us tired and the high level of competition left us eager to compete again later this year in the Courseracing World Championships in San Francisco.
Men’s pro:
1.    Sean Farley (North)
2.    Damien LeRoy (CABRINHA)
3.    Jesse Richman (CABRINHA)
4.    Sky Solbach (North)
5.    Chip Watson (Ozone)

Women’s pro:
1.    Sandy Parker (North)
2.    Melissa Gil (CABRINHA)
3.    Kristin Boese (Best)
Transcend NPX Cabrinha Dakine MG