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Event: 2009 Islamorada Invitational Location: Whale Harbor Islamorada, Florida Keys Date: 3/6/09-3/15/09
Date: 03-06-2009
The great Islamorada Invitational is back thanks to Brad Lang and Ray LeRoy with Seven Kiteboarding! The event had lots of wind, good tunes and fun the island style.

Saturday started off with racing followed by freestyle in the afternoon. Damien LeRoy, Billy Parker and Kent Marinkovic were the fastest guys in the water; and Jaime Fields, Stacey Fonas and myself were the fastest girls. The stars in the men’s freestyle division were Damo, Billy and Alex Fox and in the women’s division Jaime, Mia Capps and myself.

Sunday was the park event including a kicker, two sliders and a fun box. Damo, Billy, Andy Hurdman and Jon Modica were throwing sick tricks, huge and powered passes, off of everything in the park. I had never hit kickers and sliders before, and so I followed Nicci Warsaw and Stacey’s example. Nicci hit everything that was out there and even attempted a surface pass over the fun box. I hit everything except the scary looking slider, and managed to stick surface passes after coming off the fun box and kicker. Stacey’s tips on how to hit kickers and sliders really helped me and it was so much fun that I want to practice more!

In the afternoon we did a slalom race, competitors were so close to each other that a tangle was inevitable. Brandon, Jaime and myself tangled at the first buoy, while Damo, Billy and Mike Gebhardt raced through the finish respectively. The day ended with an amazing sunset and an award ceremony at Whale Harbor.

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Here are the results:

Women’s Pro Freestyle:

1.    Melissa Gil (CABRINHA)
2.    Jaime Fields (CABRINHA)
3.    Mia Capps

Women’s Pro Park:

1.    Nicci Warsaw (GK)
2.    Melissa Gil (CABRINHA)
3.    Stacey Fonas (Best)

Women’s Pro Racing:
1.    Jaime Fields (CABRINHA)
2.    Melissa Gil (CABRINHA)
3.    Stacey Fonas (Best)

Men’s Pro Freestyle:
1.    Damien LeRoy (CABRINHA)
2.    Billy Parker (Flexifoil)
3.    Alex Fox

Men’s Pro Park:

1.    Damien LeRoy (CABRINHA)
2.    Andy Hurdman (Liquid Force)
3.    Billy Parker (Flexifoil)

Men’s Pro Racing:
1.    Damien LeRoy (CABRINHA)
2.    Billy Parker (Flexifoil)
3.    Kent Marinkovic (CABRINHA)

Men’s Pro Slalom Racing:
1.    Damien LeRoy (CABRINHA)
2.    Billy Parker (Flexifoil)
3.    Mike Gebhardt (CABRINHA)

Men’s amateur Freestyle:
1.    Sean Reyngoudt
2.    Fritz Otiker
3.    Erik Merrill
Transcend NPX Cabrinha Dakine MG