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Event: Cayman Island Travel Story and Photoshot Location: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Date: 3/11/09-3/16/09
Date: 03-11-2009
Best trip ever! Grand Cayman is a boarders paradise and a waterman’s dream location. Damien LeRoy, Jon Modica, Fritz Otiker and myself flew to Cayman Islands for a photoshot and travel story. The Kitehouse and Ocean Frontiers at Grand Cayman gave us a warm welcome and showed us around the island. We kited the flattest most gorgeous turquoise water, rode waves, went surfing in the ocean, surfed the largest stand up wave in the world, did scuba diving in the reef and snorkeled with stingrays. Epic is all I can say. We did so much in those 5 days that it seemed like we had been there for months.

On the first day we woke up at the crack of dawn. George with the Kitehouse took us by boat to ride by the shipwrecks. The sunrise was memorable, the lighting and the waves crashing on the shipwrecks looked so cool. Next day we kited in paradise, white sand beach with turquoise flat water where you can see straight to the bottom and waves breaking on the reef in the distance. The downwinders were spectacular, the views of the coastline were breath taking, and the ocean has so many colors, you can see every imaginable tone of blue, from deep blue to turquoise to almost purple! And when you jumped you wanted to stay up there to check out everything beneath the sea, huge coral heads, beautiful seagrass beds and tons of sting rays! After riding flat water we would have sunset soul sessions on the waves.
And kitting wasn’t the only fun! The waves were great for regular surfing when the wind was light, and even if there were no waves you could still go surf the biggest standing wave in the world at The Black Pearl Surf & Skate Park! I had never done that before and it wasn’t that easy, it is totally different than surfing, it is like its own thing. We had so much fun. Jon was a natural, he rode that wave like he had been doing it for years and he even got barreled! It was sick!

Another highlight was going to Sting Ray city to snorkel with the stingrays. There are so many of them there and they are so used to humans that they swim right to you and rub on you. Not to mention diving with Ocean Frontiers. They have the most spectacular reef literally on their backyard! The edge of the reef goes well below 100’ and you can swim through crevices and canyons, where every little corner has something special to show. During our dive we were able to see reef sharks cruising around! Talk about close encounters with sea life! My kind of place!

Besides the natural beauty, the people are super nice and so welcoming that they make you feel right at home. Special thanks to Steve, Moe and his wife, George and Laura at Ocean Frontiers and the kitehouse for giving us a warm welcome and showing us around their island. Grand Cayman is definitely a must go to destination in the Caribbean.

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